Nemesis Review (Project Nemesis Book 1)

Nemesis (Project Nemesis, #1)

This book messed me up.

Ever since Min was 8 years old, a man dressed in all black has come to her on her even birthdays and kills her. However, every time she dies she revives in a field, perfectly healthy without any signs of wounds. Even her clothes that might have been shot or stabbed through are intact. She doesn’t trust her psychiatrist Dr. Lowell who tells her that by taking specific blue pills that her hallucinations will disappear. These pills cannot be seen online, and she is still killed on her 16th birthday.

The only strange thing she remembers happening to her was the fact that when she was six the whole school had to get shots due to harmful chemicals being dumped nearby. She remembers being at school, being lead to somewhere, and then waking up at home. Now that she knows that the pills are not working,  she wants to take her best friend Tack and break into the office of her psychiatrist and figure out what is really wrong with her.

I loved this book. The twists, you will not see them coming at all, it is such an intricate storyline. All of the characters are realistic yet interesting, and what makes this thriller scary is that it seems like something that could actually happen right now. I recommend this story to anyone looking for a new mystery, thriller, or just a YA story in general. This was amazing.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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