Slayer Review (Dragon Tamer Book 1) (Shattered Worlds Box Set)

Shattered Worlds: a Limited Edition Collection of Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Dystopian Novels by [Weil, J.L., Culican, J.A., Armitage, J.A., Larry, N.R. , Rode, Rebecca, Tate, Kristy, Henley, A.G., Redd, Jane, Hardy, Miranda, Noel, Jay, Ali Winters, Audrey Grey, Elana Johnson, Elizabetta Holcomb, Cindy M. Hogan, Liz Long, Julie Hall, Cameo Renae, Jen Minkman, Cortney Pearson, Ainsley Shay, Katy Haye, Emily Martha Sorenson, Nichole Giles ]

I am trying to keep up with a read-along on Facebook for this box set, and although I am a little behind I am catching up slowly.

Julianna lives in a town full of slayers. It is a rite of passage that as each person turns 18, they get a special sword and are able to slay a dragon with it. If they succeed in slaying the dragon, the dragon’s soul is trapped in the sword and they gain special powers. Julianna was born ready for this, and practiced secretly with a practice sword for a year prior to her birthday. After she defeats her brother in her first sparring match, her father automatically gives her her sword in order to slay the dragon.

When Julianna makes it to the mountain, she sees the dragon. However, something seems strange to her and she stalls in killing it. Her brother, still angry about her defeating him the day prior, decides to kill the dragon himself to take away her moment of glory. In preparing to do so, he shoves her out of the way, and accidentally knocks her down the mountain. As she plummets to the ground, the dragon circles around and catches her on his back.

The dragon flies Julianna to a cave, where he shifts back into a man. Julianna is shocked to hear that the dragons that her village have been murdering have actually been people, dragon shifters. After seeing the fear and hostility that the shifters now have towards the villagers, Julianna is determined to take the shifter Ash back to her village and show them the error of their ways.

This story was a longer read than I had expected, but I did enjoy most of it nonetheless. Julianna was a character who I was kind of on the hedge about, as she seemed super strong at some points and then the regular “damsel in distress” at others. There is romance in this story, but it did not stand out like a sore thumb. The only person that I probably had any severe issue with was Julianna’s brother. Besides wanting to compete with his sister, he had no real reason to become so angry with her over the sparring duel. He seemed to have gone from the loving, joking older brother to being a hateful, murderous one. I don’t even know how he managed to “accidentally” knock his sister off of the cliff and try to kill her.

I did enjoy the world of this story as it seemed warm and unique, and the only problems I had were within the characters themselves and some loose ends. Just a warning, this story does not end, you will have to get the next book in the series to find out the end of the story. This is something I typically do not enjoy in stories, even if they are a part of these box sets, but I do look forward to reading the next book in this series. I recommend this series to anyone looking for a medieval fantasy romance story.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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