A Hero to Keep Review

A Hero to Keep (Hawkins Family Book 1)

Greg is an art therapist, and his passion is helping kids to center and find themselves through art. He usually spends his time counseling kids suffering from cancer, and drawing his own personal comics. However, when a woman named Shannon needs help with her troubled nephew, he decides to give his assistance at a discounted rate. This 6 year old boy isn’t just troubled however, he has seen his mother murdered by his father in front of him, and has gone mute since then. Shannon also has her own inner demons that have been resurfacing since the murder of her sister and her temporary adoption of her nephew. It is Greg’s job to help put this broken family back together through his art.

Lately, I have become tired of romance novels. I didn’t stop reading them, but the stories had started to blend together and become completely forgettable. This story stood out to me.

No character in this book is perfect, which is something that I found to be refreshing. All of the situations were realistic and the story showed how murder can affect everyone in families both on the side of the murderer and the victim. My favorite character int he story was the little boy Ryan, as he grew with Greg’s help and overcame his fears. He was stronger than most of the adults in the story, and brought positivity to the group even at such a young age.

I recommend this to someone looking for an adult romance with tear-jerking storyline.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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