August Wrap-up!

BTS fans apologize for the irrational behavior of a ...Well, August was slightly more productive than July. I read a total of about 7 books, and kept up with all of my favorite webtoons. I hope to increase than number this month to about 20 books, as I am back in school and therefore am motivated to read more. That might seem strange, but somehow when I already have work to do I want to read more. And then when I don’t have anything to do, I waste all my time watching YouTube videos.

The biggest thing that happened in August was that I became a huge fan of Kpop music. I didn’t dislike it before, but mostly just listened to it from time to time. Now, I can say that I am completely obsessed. Heck, I have a livestream with random Kpop songs playing in the background as I am writing this. ( )

So, my favorite group is BTS. Apparently there is a BTS book tag. I will be posting later today doing that. And above, there is a picture of them! I preordered their album that is coming out in 9 days, so expect a post about that hopefully the day after I get it if not sooner.

Anyways, I spent most of my days either watching BTS videos, or playing a rhythm game called Touch Online. Will be reviewing that later on as well.

So that’s the August Wrap-Up! Hopefully, there will be more news in September!

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