Life and Death Review


This book was twilight, if Bella was a boy and Edward was a girl. I was expecting it to not be as good, or at least be a blatant copy of the orignal Twilight series. I was pleasantly surprised.

Beau is moving from his mother Renee’s house to his father Charlie’s house. His mother lives in Phoenix, and his father lives all the way in rainy, dreary, Forks Washington. He doesn’t think that he will be able to enjoy living in Forks, but he knows that if he stays with his mother then he will be tying her down and making her stay away from her lover Phil.

When Beau arrives in Forks, he has to go to school. While at school, he meets a lot of nice guys and girls, and he starts to think that nothing is going to bother him at Forks. But then he meets the Cullens. A strange family of 2 boys and 3 girls that seem to isolate themselves from the rest of the student body, and all except one seem to be dating each other. He doesn’t pay attention to them, except when one acts extremely strangely in a class with him, like she hates him.

Later, this girl speaks to him, her name is Edythe. He starts to wonder why she acted so strangely on their first meeting, but she seems okay now. Then, a car goes out of control headed right for Beau, and Edythe appears from across the parking lot to save him. Now, Beau isn’t sure what she is.

Let me say, that I loved this version of the story. Beau kept his clumsiness and awkwardness, he didn’t turn into some sort of sports god just because he was male. And Edythe didn’t lose any of her strength, and didn’t become emotionally weaker either. Heck, I think I liked this version better in some sections, because they tackled the issues in the relationship more than running away from them. It took Edward and Bella many, many books to talk about some of the dangers of their relationship, but Edythe and Beau spoke about it in this book. Granted this was a standalone, so Meyer had to squeeze more in, but I liked it better this way. And again. not everything matches the original book, so I advise that you read this for yourself. It’s like its own story, and I liked this a bit more than the original first book. Bravo Meyer!

Overall Rating: 5/5


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