Siren’s Lament Review

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Lyra has loved Shon (red hair) for quite awhile, but he has never shown any sign of thinking of her as more than a little sister. She pretends to be okay with this, but as he proceeds to get a girlfriend, she feels more alone than ever. Ian (white hair), a siren, knows that he has to kiss a brokenhearted person in order to break his curse and be able to walk on land again. When he sees a brokenhearted woman walking on the boardwalk, he knows that this is his chance.

What happens is completely unexpected. Ian does get to walk on land, but he has a sensitivity to being out of water for too long, and when he gets into water he sprouts a tail. Lyra has the same symptoms. Since neither of them are free from the curse totally, Lyra thinks that by healing her broken heart, they will be free. Ian believes that if he tries to break the curse with a different brokenhearted person, they will be free.

The art and music in this weekly Saturday comic is amazing. I love mermaids, so a comic written about the darker side of the stories is just what I needed. This isn’t the first comic that instantmiso has written, Where Tangents meet is another . That one was beautiful as well, and is completed whereas this one is ongoing. I recommend Siren’s Lament to anyone looking for a comic to binge/read that has a unique storyline and incredible character building.

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