Lunarbaboon Review

This comic has helped me immensely. Lunarbaboon is a real-life comic with some comedic parts, some serious parts, and some eye opening parts. It is a story about a comic writer who has both anxiety and depression, and his family. Since it is kind of an autobiography of sorts, as you go through the comics it is as if you are traveling with the author through his daily life. He talks about anything from showing respect to people of different cultures, to spending time with family because kids won’t be kids forever, to how being with those you love can help you through depression.

This comic is amazing because it actually makes you think without depressing you. I have been spending way too much time lately worrying about every little thing, and even my friends have started to ask me if I’m okay. This comic reminds me all the time to reach out to those in my life, spend time with family, and to work on getting out of the mud instead of staying stuck in it forever. That’s why I recommend it to anyone who really needs help, or who just wants a comic as a pick-me-up from day to day. You can read it on the free webtoons app or on several sites online just by googling it.

Thanks for reading!

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