July Wrap Up

Well July was interesting. I basically did nothing that I had planned for the summer, and I only read one book. The book that I read was Reign the Earth. But instead of moping about the things that I didn’t do, I am going to tell y’all about all the cool stuff I did do while taking a break from blogging.

I started to spend a lot more time on the apps of Webtoons and Tapas. Now I have multiple comics that are being updated every week, so I have something to read every day. I plan to eventually get around to writing reviews about all of them.

I built my own computer! I now have an amazing gaming computer, which means that any of you guys that play games and want to play with me can. My steam name is  Briennai or BriennaiJ, so add me if you want to. I play anything from Stardew Valley and the rhythm game of touch, to Black Desert and Phantasy Star Online 2.

I also celebrated my 17th birthday on July 6th, but instead of getting books as I had planned I got some PS Vita games. I am also Briennai on there.

I started my summer internship, which got me my PC, and is giving me a lot of social media experience actually so I am planning on growing out my social media.

And…I watched some Twitch Streams. A lot of Twitch streams.

So that’s my July wrapup! Hopefully August will have more books XD. Thanks for reading!

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