The Selection Review

the selection is set in a dystopian version of the future with the ...

In America’s world, there is a strict class system. At the top of the classes are the Ones, royalty. At the bottom of the classes are the servants. America is in the 5th class with the artists and musicians, but she is in love with Aspen, a 6. She knows that in order to marry him she will also have to become a 6, but she doesn’t care because she loves him. In her kingdom, the prince Maxon is going to have a “Selection” in order to choose his bride. Just by being chosen as one of the 35 girls, America would become a 3. Then she would have the chance of becoming a 1 if she won the contest. She doesn’t want to enter, but both her family and Aspen encourage her to, just to have the chance of a better life. Surprisingly, she is chosen, and she has to go to the castle and compete with girls from all other classes in order to win Maxon’s heart. But in her heart, she only wants Aspen, even if he showed that he wasn’t interested in her anymore after she was chosen.

Okay, so I heard a lot about this book. I heard that this book was awful, that I shouldn’t even give it a second thought, and so I almost didn’t read it. Thank goodness that I read it. I actually read it in about 1 day sometime last month, and then I quickly moved onto the next book. I enjoyed the world, I enjoyed the characters, and I enjoyed the romance. Although it seemed to be a bit cliche, and it was an obvious setup for a love triangle, I did think that it was creative and that the characters had their own individual worth. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a dystopian novel, but who doesn’t mind a slight bit of cliche-ness to it.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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3 thoughts on “The Selection Review

  1. I’ve heard plenty of things about this book but one thing everyone says is that it is a fast-paced book. Maybe I will pick it up for Booktube-a-thon!

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