The Orchid Caper Review

The Orchid Caper

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Eighteen year old Darlene works for her sister in a thieving business. She has to go on a heist that is supposed to be pretty easy, but then the person who’s house she is stealing from comes home early. She would have been able to hide until the person left the room, but right then the bean burritos she had eaten earlier that morning came back to bite her.

Ian needs someone in order to help him with his own personal heist to get a rare orchid. He doesn’t think he could be able to do it, but then when he caught Darlene in his house, he changes his mind. Instead of turning Darlene in, he decides to hire her to help him on his heist. This kickstarts the story into an amazing adventure full of humor, amazing friendships, and mystery.

I enjoyed this story because it was a very unique and well thought out story about the relationships between strangers who have to work together, and even between siblings. I I love mysteries, but usually they can get boring with just a few chapters in as the story slowly builds up to the climax. However, the fun atmosphere and interesting characters in this story kept me entertained all the way through. I recommend this story to anyone looking for a fresh mystery story for YA readers.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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