Celebrity Gulag Review

Celebrity Gulag

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Dr. Philips Bruno used to be a well known scientist who was even showing his team’s work to the prince of the country. However, ever since the prince was bored with their presentation, he was imprisoned with only a man to talk to through a toilet. One day, the prison door opens, and he is simply taken on a ship and told to escape. He runs from gunfire and has to go through harsh conditions before he gets to the main city. This is where the Celebrity Gulag show comes into play, the reality show where people would literally die to become famous.

This story takes place over an alternating timeline, where you hear about Bruno’s life before prison, in prison, and after prison sometimes at the same time. While this could get confusing from time to time, it definitely meant that I was never bored by reading the book.

I enjoyed the dystopian environment of the story, especially when he got to the city. No one cared about anyone else anymore, someone could be in the middle of being attacked and people would just avoid them in order not to be hurt themselves instead of trying to help them. No one is happy anymore, all they care about is getting rich and famous. But the book never specifies what becoming rich and famous will actually do for anyone, giving me the feeling that they were basically doing all of this horrible work for nothing. This book definitely made me think about what would happen if all people focused on was getting rich and famous, and didn’t care about their surroundings or themselves at all unless they were there.

I recommend this book for someone who is looking for a fresh dystopian thriller guaranteed to make you think about life.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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