A Court of Wings and Ruin Review

A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3)

FifteenthWonder is one of my good friends in real life, and he bought me this book, so shoutout to him! Thank you!

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court and Tamlin thinks that she was under Rhysand’s spell the whole time and actually wants to be back with him. However, she is the High Lady of the Night Court, is Rhysand’s mate for life, and is just there so that Rhysand can protect her sisters who have been turned into Faeries. She speaks to Rhysand through the mating bond from time to time to keep him caught up. When Tamlin explodes a room with his anger towards her during an argument, slamming a table into her, she forgives him and tells Rhysand through the bond that she is okay, but she knows that she will not be able to stay in Spring Court much longer. She and Lucien, who is mated to Elain, Feyre’s sister,, are attacked by Ianthe and some of her people, and have their power drained by apples, but they fight them off. They escape the Spring Court and go to the Winter Court, where they are saved and brought home to the Night Court.

Feyre and Rhysand are trying to avoid a war between the courts, but Hybern is trying to attack the Night Court and succeed in many isolated attacks.

Okay let me go back. I wanted to discuss Rhysand for a second. I loved when he had his monologue in a Court of Mist and Fury and spoke about how everything he had done in the past Under the Mountain had been for Feyre and to protect his court. I physically feel the fury that Feyre has whenever someone in ACOWAR speaks about Rhysand as “Amarantha’s whore” because it clearly states  in that monologue that most of the stuff that he had done he was forced to do and was only to keep her calm so that she would hurt less people. He never enjoyed any of it. However, because he had a slightly cocky attitude, a facade, and because no one knew of the things that he was doing for any of the people that Amarantha took, they pinned him as being a whore. He wan’t a whore, he was forced to have sex with Amarantha for 50 years. And he still comes back strong, unbroken, and only with nightmares and maybe some slight PTSD that hasn’t been triggered yet. Right now, to me, he is the strongest character in the series. But he still doesn’t attack people for the things they say about him. In fact, sometimes Feyre is the only one who seems to have any reaction. I just…I love Sarah J. Maas so much just for creating him, so that I could read about a character who has been through the hell that he has been through and still made it out okay. Usually I am not one to be totally inspired by a book character, but although I know I will never be in his situation, I am completely inspired by his resilience.

Okay now back to everyone else. Feyre and Rhysand are honestly everything. They respect each other, but they are still crazy in love with each other. Hearing more of Mor’s backstory just made me adore her. I hope she grows in the next book and hopefully finds her soulmate. I am interested in where Nesta and Cassian will go in the next book, as their relationship was not expanded upon that much in this book. Neither was Lucien and Elain’s, so I hope for more of them. Tamlin has gone down so much in this book. I hate it, but I love it because it truly harps upon the fact that your first love may not be the one for you, and that it is perfectly okay if he/she isn’t. Even if that person becomes a petty angry mess, it is best to do what is right for you.

Feyre has a lot of powers now. She is still learning some things, but I liked seeing her grow even more powerful through the course of this book, and with Rhysand’s help. Nesta and Elain also have powers that will definitely be expanded upon in the later books. In this book, because of the war, so many new characters were introduced/expanded upon because of their involvement, so I just have so many more people to fall in love with. I just, every book this series just seems to get better, and I recommend it to everyone. Again.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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