Splendor Luxe Book 4 Review

Splendor (Luxe, #4)

Pregnant Elizabeth married Mr. Snowden in order to give her and Will’s baby a father. However, many strange things have been happening with Mr. Snowden, and Elizabeth has begun to think that her father’s old friend may have had more to do with her father’s death than anyone knows.

Lina is still interested in Leland, and pursues him for most of the book. However, her past is starting to catch up to her, and as she falls more in love with him she wonders if she should tell him the truth about her past.

Diana goes to Cuba to find Henry, who has enlisted in the army there. They find each other and are happy, hoping to just be able to run away from New York forever. But eventually someone is going to have to go back for some reason, and then what is going to happen to their relationship?

Penelope is unhappy with her absentee husband in the army, but when a prince comes to town she begins to think above simply being rich in the states, but instead actually being a princess.

Okay I enjoyed this book immensely. But I was not happy at all with the way it ended, except for Elizabeth’s line of the story. I just thought that everything else ended so unfairly for one character or another, and it was so unnecessary. Of course, I can’t talk about the end of the book without making spoilers, but just know that the book ended in a way that was unfavorable to me. But, I won’t take that many stars off, because its up to the author how they end the series. And it wasn’t as if the book was poorly written all the way through. the endings were just so random.

Diana and Elizabeth probably had the most growth throughout this book. No one else seemed to change at all, which may not be considered bad, but it just made them not so great characters. The storyline behind Mr. Snowden was the most interesting in probably the entire series, but it wasn’t fleshed out in the romantic portions. This was understandable because he was not supposed to be romantic with her, it was a marriage of convenience, so the storyline was altogether perfect. I just wish more had been said about him specifically.

Overall this book was an okay end to the series. I wish some of the storylines had been ended differently, but only one of them seemed to be even related to poor writing. I would still recommend this series to anyone looking for a quick historical fiction read.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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