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Okay, let me just start this by saying that I didn’t know Carry On was actually a book, and then I went on my digital library and it was available, I never checked out something so FAST. So now, expect a Carry On review in the near future!

Cath loves the book/movie series Simon Snow. She writes fanfiction for it constantly, including her biggest project yet, called Carry On which is supposed to be the 8th book in the series. Her biggest goal is to be able to finish Carry On before the 8th book comes out, that way her many readers will be able to see her version of the ending before the series actually ends. She and her twin sister Wren both go to college, but Wren wants to live in a room separate from Cath, so Cath is on her own for the first time in her life. Wren is having a great time, making new friends, but Cath doesn’t even want to go to the cafeteria because she is afraid of going alone.

Reagan, Cath’s roommate, has a best male friend named Levi who she keeps letting come into the room to hang out with her. Cath is uncomfortable with both of them, but her biggest worry is her advanced writing class with college juniors, and the partnered writing project that she has to do.

I enjoyed this book, although I enjoyed most of the storyline besides the romance. The romantic part was just okay for me, I didn’t see much of the connection between the two. But I enjoyed the growth between Cath, Wren, and their father throughout the story. I enjoyed the parts that spoke of Cath’s growth as a writer of just fanfiction to a more well rounded person. My favorite character in the book had to be either Reagan or Cath. Reagan was a generally calm girl, but she was strong and held her own throughout the whole book. She helped Cath in many ways, sometimes by simply being there for her. Cath I loved because of her love for books and her love for writing fanfiction, because I love to read books and I adore good fanfiction and read it often. Overall, I recommend this book to someone looking for a nice family story with a main character that loves books and fanfiction, but not necessarily for people looking for a mainly romance novel, because while the romance makes up a lot of it, the best parts of the story are in the non-romantic pieces.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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