Envy Luxe Series Book 3 Review

Elizabeth is trying to figure out how to move on in her life without Will. She is considering her options as a widow now, but as she begins to fall ill she wonders if Will has really left her life for good after all.

Penelope has used the rumor of Diana and Henry sleeping together to try to drag Henry into marrying her, but it is not a happy situation as Henry is completely against marrying her. She sets her brother Grayson on Diana to try to seduce her and make Henry see that the real woman for him is Penelope.

Lina is falling for a young man named Leland, but is still keeping an older man company and using him for his money, since he wants to dote on the only person who talks to him.

Diana is in love with Henry and is falling apart as he keeps up his plans to marry and stay with Penelope. She sees that Penelope’s brother Grayson is showing feelings for her, but her heart lies only with Henry.

Henry is trapped between Penelope, the woman who is blackmailing him into marriage with her, and Diana, the woman he believes is the love of his life. He still wants to protect Diana’s reputation, but he really does not want to spend the rest of his days with Penelope.

Most of this book actually takes place on a vacation/on a train, so it is very interesting to see all of these characters interacting in such a small space, and all these teenagers having fun on a train. I enjoyed the storyline of either Lina or Elizabeth the most in this book, because after awhile the love triangle between Penelope, Henry, and Diana got annoying. For instance, I really don’t know why Penelope wants Henry so badly. Why does she want a relationship with him, when she KNOWS that he doesn’t love her? She isn’t trying to hide like a baby or anything, she’s just obsessed with him or something, even when the marriage would have been awful.

Lina’s character has gone through a lot of change throughout the series. I didn’t like how she uses the elderly man in the book, but I did end up enjoying her scenes with Leland quite a bit. I just hope she doesn’t ruin the relationship with her lies of being rich.

Henry is just pretty annoying in this book. Not much to say about him. he just won’t make a decision about a situation that he got himself into.

I cannot wait to read the next/final book of the series and I hope all the stories are wrapped up nicely.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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