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Grace and Sam are back together, but Grace has been stricken with a strange illness that feels sometimes as if she has a fever, but sometimes as if she has an extreme flu. She doesn’t know what the illness means, maybe she has a a severe flu, but she is worried that it means that being in the hot car after she was bitten by the wolves at a young age didn’t make her immune to changing as she thought she was. Sam is worried that either the illness or the potential changing will take Grace away from him forever.

Cole is a famous musician in a band, and he has a wide variety of issues from drugs, to depression, to falling out with his friends and bandmates. When he is turned, he doesn’t know what to expect, but he finds that the act of turning gives him some mental solace.

Isabelle is mourning the loss of her brother, and she is having to deal with her troubled family life. However, when the new wolf Cole comes into town, she wonders if her life might take a turn for the better.

Okay, so I know that I railed on Shiver and said that I disliked it. I didn’t like the main characters any more in this book than I did the last, but I absolutely loved learning about Cole and Isabelle. They were both just so, unique and interesting. Cole is a troubled character, but I liked to hear about the change actually helping someone in some ways rather than just being an annoyance. It created a different point of view for the story. I loved how Isabelle continued to help the wolves and her new friend Grace even though technically the wolves were the reason her brother died. However, she did not become bitter and try to kill them, but tried to understand things from their point of view and help them in any way she can so that more don’t end up like her brother.

I definitely liked this book more than the previous book, and while I felt a tad more connected to Grace I just felt no more connection with Sam. But what saved this book for me were the stories of Isabelle and Cole. Hopefully in the next book in the series will have more stories with these characters.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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