100 Followers Post! PLUS A Question for Y’all

HAVE JUST REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS Poster | Adam | Keep Calm-o-Matic

I know I am late on this as I am almost at 120 followers now (*screams internally*), but I just wanted to say thank you guys for allowing my blog to grow so quickly! I have really rediscovered my passion for reading, which has helped me as I have been sick A LOT for the past 5 months and I needed something to do. I plan to keep this as a hobby for a long, long, LONG time, and although my goal right now is to focus on just the writing part on wordpress…I might just go to youtube. MAYBE But probably not until 2018 because I simply don’t have time to juggle a steady youtube channel in my upcoming senior year of high school (kill me now, I signed up for AP Calculus). Anyways, I also want to start joining in on the Bookcons and book events! Over the summer I hope to be able to go to some of them, hopefully, possibly. Anyways, I don’t have much more to do than PROMISE to do things in the summer as I have no time to even breathe right now.


Also! What I need you guys for is a catchy phrase to use at the end of my posts. If you guys put one in the comments, I will put it at the end of one of my future reviews. I might pick one of them at random to put in all of my future reviews. That way you all are always a part of me!

See ya!

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