A Court of Thorns and Roses Review


Someone please buy me this book, A Court of Mist and Fury, and A Court of Wings and Ruin. I need to enter a giveaway or have all of Sarah J Maas’s books just fall out of the sky or SOMETHING.

19 year old Feyre is a girl who is basically the breadwinner for her family. Her two older sisters try to help, but they often just take the money and keep going on with their lives. Her mother is dead, and her father had his knee broken, and it destroyed his confidence and his walking so that he would rather just sit in the house making wood carving than even attempt to go back to work. She hunts daily to bring them food, and while on her current hunting trip she sees a wolf trying to attack her deer. She kills both the wolf and the deer, and skins the wolf in order to sell the pelt at the market the next day.

While at the market, some women belong some type of religious group that loves the faeries that live over the wall. However, most of the townspeople shun them, saying that they faeries did nothing but enslave them and that they were blind to think that they would be helped in any way by them. She sells her wolf pelt for a surprisingly high price due to a kind woman, and think that things might start to look up for her and her family. However that night a beast comes to the house, saying that the wolf she had killed was actually a disguised faerie, and that in return for killing him he is going to take her to his castle, supposedly to become a servant. When she gets to the castle however, Tamlin is actually a man-faerie not a beast and is not cruel to her, does not treat her as a prisoner, instead introducing her to his friend Lucien and giving her her own maid, Alis. As she continues to stay with him, she realizes that all that she had heard about the faeries may not be true still, and she gets closer to the people who have “captured” her.

I. Loved. This. Book. I came in thinking, “A Beauty and the Beast Retelling? Hmm…I like Beauty and the Beast. Let me finish some other books here first.” THEN, while I was doing my hair for 6 frikkin hours, I decided “Why not finish some digital books on my laptop?” Went right to overdrive, opened to chapter 5 where I had left off before, and READ THE REST OF THE BOOK IN ONE SITTING. Mind you, it didn’t even take me the whole sitting, because I also read Me Before You during half of the sitting and finished that too, so in about 1/4-1/2 of the 6 hours I completed this book in its entirety. I returned it to the digital library immediately in order to try to check out A Court of Mist and Fury, but of COURSE that had a wait list about a mile long so now I have to wait like 30 years to read it and I don’t think I am going to make it that long. I really don’t. Oh…right…writing a review….whoops!

I loved Feyre. I know its pronounced Fay-ruh but I think it looks like Fire. She is so…independent and unique in this story. Taking care of her whole household even though she is the youngest? That’s pretty incredible. Also she broke the trope of teen female characters. She wasn’t a virgin, she didn’t sleep around, she just had a person at the beginning of the book that she OCCASIONALLY slept with but it wasn’t even her boyfriend, just a good friend. She was just that free-spirited. I loved how even when she was taken she didn’t back down for quite awhile. She created traps, didn’t want to eat the food, she wasn’t planning on being a damsel in distress by any means.

I loved Lucien, he always made me laugh. He is honestly the best friend that everyone needs to have, but Feyre was just too stubborn to listen to anyone for most of the book. Which was good for her for the most part, but bad for him…for the most part. And Tamlin. I don’t even know what I can say about him. Amazing? Nah that sounds strange. Beautiful? Yes. He was a Beautiful man. Well faerie.

I am going to wrap this up before I keep rambling about these characters, because if I do I will spoil the series for you! I just have to say, please read this. I don’t know why I am almost 2 years late for this book, but if you are more behind than me just stop everything and read this. Thank you.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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5 thoughts on “A Court of Thorns and Roses Review

  1. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER!!! I am putting the newest release on hold since I am neck deep in manuscripts right now but my dad bought it and keeps waving it in my face and my soul is dying. I must read it ASAP.

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    1. I stopped everything to read this book and it took me about 4 total hours. You should take 4 hours of your life to do the same 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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