City of Fallen Angels Review


After the events in City of Glass, everything seems to be going well for Clary. She has her mother back, she has Jace, her not-brother, as her boyfriend. On the other hand, Simon struggles with keeping his vampire-ness away from his mother, and when all things fail he ends up having to leave the house and is made homeless. Oh, and at the same time, he is trying to juggle both Isabelle and Maia as his potential love interests/girlfriends, and if he doesn’t break it off with one of them someone is going to be hurt.

While Clary is enjoying herself in her perfect world, something terrible happens. Something is killing Shadowhunters, yet again, and people are finding clues that point to Downworlders having done the killing. This causes the previously lowered tensions between the two groups to start rising again, and the usual crew is swept right back into the action again.

I didn’t dislike this book of the series. I just…didn’t find it particularly memorable? For example, in City of Glass, still my favorite book of the series, whole chunks I still remember even after not having touched it for about a month. However, with this book, I only read it about 2 weeks ago, but I went to write this review and thought “Man, what the heck happened in this book?”. When I was done with it I wasn’t jumping to the next book, I just returned it to the library and moved to my next book. The most interesting part of this book was finding out about Simon and his adventures, because he was the only one who seemed to have any sort of..struggle in this book. I loved hearing his stories about trying to find a place to stay and meeting new people. Jace and Clary didn’t really get interesting until close-ish to the end of the book, but then once things pick up the pace it becomes more interesting. But of course, I can’t talk about things picking up the pace without spoiling anything, so I can only say that it does get more interesting.

Altogether, I am glad that this book was a shorter read than the others in the series, simply because I don’t feel like much happens in it besides Simon things and spoiling things that happened at the end. However, it was not an unpleasant read, so it will just lose 1.5 stars for the lack of action throughout.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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