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I try my best not to DNF a book. If anything, I would rather skip a whole boring chapter than leave a book unfinished entirely. However, I took this book and a bunch of other books on my trip over the weekend. After this book, I went into a complete reading slump, and even though I bought plenty of other books I did not finish another one on that trip.. I revived myself from the slump by watching booktubers and going through my new books, but I could not bring myself to finish the book.

Blue is a girl who’s family is known for their real psychic readings. She is worried about her future because her mother and aunts said she would kill her true love. When she goes with her aunt on St. Marks Day to the graveyard, while her aunt talks to ghosts a boy named Gansey talks to Blue. She only hears his name, but her aunt tells her that if she saw him that she must have killed him.

Gansey has known about ley lines for awhile so he and his friends hope to find one. His friends all go to Aglionby school, an expensive private school, but not all of his friends are rich or live a happy life. I think the storyline is supposed to be that the ley lines will help them, though I don’t fully know.

This is literally all I understood about this book, and I trekked my way to page 180. The story feels like it is dragging so much. I felt that with every new chapter something new was added, but then nothing was found out or solved, so I just kept getting more and more confused. Blue did not seem very interesting and Gansey has no backstory but the ley line and weird friends that all seem to have family issues.

The book was supposed to be suspenseful and magica, I think, but it just came off as unrealistic, weird, and boring. I had to constantly look back at the previous chapters to figure out what was going on. And this was not due to speed reading as I barely got 50 pages an hour done in this book.

I understand that many people enjoy this book series, but I didn’t enjoy it or understand it. Maybe someday when I don’t have other books hanging over my head I might finish it, but right now I would rather leave it unfinished.

Overall Rating: 1/5

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3 thoughts on “Raven Boys DNF

  1. I haven’t read that many negative reviews on this series so yours is quite refreshing. I haven’t read anything by Stiefvater yet but I really want to!
    I enjoyed your post nonetheless 😊 I had never realized how confusing this book could be. Oh well!

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    1. I wanted to like this because I had heard good things but I just couldn’t. Maybe I am just a person that is easily confused XD.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha we all have different tastes 😊 Maybe you needed to read a little bit more. I don’t remember what people said about it but maybe this is the kind of book you just have to keep reading until it gets better and really pulls you in.

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