King’s Cage


This book is what I consider a prime example of the difference between reading a hard copy of something and reading the ebook. When I read this ebook (on my phone not my Nook), I kept forgetting what I had just read, and I eventually just gave up and decided I couldn’t read it until I got the hard copy. This doesn’t happen to me with ALL ebooks, some I have even loved better by reading it online instead of in person. However, this book was not one of those books. When I received my hard copy, I thought that I would be able to start from where I had left off on my phone, but I ended up having to start over from the very beginning. Only then did I begin to really enjoy the story.

Mare has now been captured by Prince Maven. She is under the pressure of Silent Stone almost daily, while Maven parades her around as if he has captured the leader of the Scarlet Guard. He forces her to participate in his speeches, renouncing the Guard and telling the newbloods to come to the castle instead of going to the Guard. Mare hates that she is betraying all that she had worked for in the past months, but Maven has powerful friends, such as Samson the late Queen’s brother who has the same mind-searching skills that the queen did. Mare is afraid that if she refuses to give in that they will cease to allow her to exist, which they are already beginning to do by locking her up for so long. She was once a part of the court as a princess, but now she is the part of a court as a prisoner, and she is finding out more secrets than she ever knew before. In this book, I felt as if she did not grow that much as a character, actually getting weaker because of the months in prison. However, it was not unpleasant to read about her months in prison as she kept doing things to fight her situation and find out new things about the royals. 

Cameron has been honing her Silencing powers in order to help the Scarlet Guard in their battles against the Silvers. While she isn’t practicing with mainly Sara Skonos, she is also watching the other members of the Guard and seeing how they are coping with seeing Mare spew her lies on television. She still hopes that she will be able to save her twin brother from the front lines.

Farley is coping with her grief of Shade, and throughout the book she is also preparing to be a mother while struggling with being unable to serve the SG as she always did because of her pregnancy. I miss her being one of the main strong characters, always in battle, but I did enjoy her higher sense of responsibility throughout the book. 

Overall, although it took me a while to get into this book, I finally finished it! I don’t know where Aveyard is going with this, if you read the ending you know what I am speaking about, but I trust her judgement. I look forward to the next book in the Red Queen Series!

Overall Rating: 4/5


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6 thoughts on “King’s Cage

    1. Oh audiobooks. I love to listen to those when I’m sick and I don’t feel like picking up a physical book. I just lounge around and listen to them all day. The only bad thing is that they usually take so long to listen to, even for a short book. That’s the only reason why I don’t listen to them more.

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      1. I listen to them in the car & on my smallish boom box at home. At home, I listen as I cook, clean, shower, brush teeth, etc. Amazing how all the little moments add up.

        That said, if you only listen to when you’re sick, am glad you’re well enough to never get to ends 🙂

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      2. If I’m tired enough it would work XD but I always remembered what I last heard so the next night I would go back. It was relaxing for me. Particularly the kane chronicles and 39 clues

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