Empress of a Thousand Skies


Rhee is a princess, the last of her line, and the rest of her family died in a plane crash when she was young. She is going to be coronated, and says a hard goodbye to her best friend. Her best friends father, Veyron, escorts her on the ship to her coronation, but when they are in private he attacks her. She is forced to kill him to save her own life, but she is devastated with knowing that she has impoverished her friend/love interest. She sends his body off in an escape pod, and then Dahlen comes to save her and take her to another place, convinced that a man that was trying to kill her was under the orders of someone that the other’s on the ship trusted. Then go into hiding, but everyone in the kingdom believes Rhee is dead because the ship exploded after they left.

Aly stars on a DroneVision TV show with his best friend Vin. The two travel as bounty hunters across the galaxy, solving petty crimes and showing off at every chance for the thousands of fans (particularly female). Vin can get away with anything on the show, but Aly is Wraetan and so he has to watch everything he does on the show so he doesn’t feed into the stereotype that Wraetan’s are violent and crass brutes. He hears about the princess’s murder, and he sees a random royal escape pod floating in space. When he brings the pod in, he realizes that inside is a dead human body with a knife sticking in it. He doubts that the princess may not be dead, but there is something definitely wrong. Then it comes into the news that he killed her, even though he had nothing to do with it, and he knows that he has to go into hiding.

Okay let me get one thing straight. When I read the inside of the cover, I thought that the two would be on an adventure TOGETHER. They do not interact except for a glance near the end of the book, and then they go their separate ways! Then the POVs. Oh my gosh. I admit, I am a fast reader. I never skip whole pages, and I am cutting down on the skimming some, but its just how I read. I don’t miss information, but if I accidentally do, I always go back. Here, with the constantly changing POV, I found myself jumping back whole chapters because I was like “What the heck are they doing now?”. They were on completely different paths for like the entire book, but the book still jumped from POV to POV every chapter like I was somehow supposed to be able to keep up with what was going on.

Despite this, I did enjoy the book. I liked the storyline and I liked the idea of the space opera. I just simply struggled to figure out where one thing ended and another thing began. Rhee’s character was a bit annoying, with her constantly trying to run from the only person she thinks she can trust, but then she thinks she can’t trust, but then she thinks she can trust again. None of this really gets wrapped up at the end, because it is only the first book in the series, so there is definitely going to be more in the series, but I just felt drained by the end.  Aly was probably the most interesting character in the book to me, and so reading his parts were always my favorite parts of the story.

I won’t recommend this book until I read the second book and see some great improvement on the POV and smoothness situation, but if I do then I would recommend this to be read just to understand the next book. For now, I simply recommend keeping this book in the back of your head for the future.

Overall Rating: 2/5

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