BookOutlet is AMAZING (Book Haul)

Okay so when I went to bookoutlet I wasn’t really sure what I would be expecting. I thought that I could possibly be getting some pretty okay books, and then I worried that the books would be so damaged that I would not be able to read them. However all of them were in perfect condition (for the non scratch and dent copies) and in near-perfect condition for the ones that happened to be scratch and dent. For the sake of visual proof I will be taking a picture of all the books I bought, just excuse the poor lighting. I will definitely be going here for the books I cannot find on my amazing book sale spot in my city.

Oz The Complete Collection Volume 4 (Scratch and Dent)



This is supposed to be a scratch and dent copy. This was the only scratch/dent that I found on the entire book. $3.79

The Unwanteds Island of Silence (Scratch and Dent)



Again, hunting for the one issue with the book. $2.19

Pegasus Olympus at War



Zeroes (Scratch and Dent)


SO this had a bit more damage than the others, but I only paid $2.69 for it so its still not so bad.

The Novice (Scratch and Dent)


There was a tiny bend in the pages at the top by the spine, but I couldn’t get it to come into focus well. Otherwise nothing was wrong. $2.69




Four (Scratch and Dent)


Nothing was wrong with this book. $2.69

The Rule of Thoughts (Scratch and Dent)


Slight page bending. $2.69

The Girl on the Train


$5.89 (Most expensive book)

CHERUB: The Killing



Is it Night Or Day? (Scratch and Dent)


Nothing was wrong with this copy. $1.59 (Cheapest book)

The Secret War



The End of Infinity (Scratch and Dent)


This was probably the worst copy damage-wise. However the pages were in perfect condition so it won’t affect reading at all as this is a hardcover. $3.79

So all in all I should have paid $42.47 for these books in amazing condition plus shipping right? WRONG! The shipping is free for orders over $35, and there is a code for the first purchase for 15% off. So all in all I paid only $36.10 for these books. They only took a week to deliver, and I am loving how every one looks. For those like me, reading on a budget, this is a great site. Especially if you, like me, have no large used book stores within walking or even 5-10 minute driving distance from your house. It also has many new books that used bookstores often lack. I advise everyone to use this site when possible so that they will be supported and continue to offer this amazing service.

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