The Inquisition Review (Slight Spoilers)


For those wondering about the slight spoilers, this is because the first 80-100 pages focus on something that is NOT the main plot line, but if I tell the outcome of it I will technically be spoiling part of the book. However, if I don’t tell the outcome and leave it there, I am not even delving into the main conflict of the story. I will give a warning before I say anything past that point, but there will be none of my opinions there and the review will be short.

Ignatius and Fletcher have been in prison ever since he was arrested for attempted murder of Didric in the previous book. He has been reading the summoner’s old book in his prison and practicing his spells with Ignatius but he hasn’t been able to do much else from his cell. He doesn’t even know how or where his father was. Didric is revealed to have gained summoner powers from the time that Ignatius burnt him trying to protect Fletcher, however his face has become extremely scarred and will never look normal again. Arcturus helps him by tearing down the false witness of Didric and his friends in front of the court, and Fletcher is declared innocent. However, as he prepares himself to go free after a year in prison, Othello is taken into custody and Fletcher is accused of treason for the attack on the soldiers that ambushed the dwarf meeting the year before.





King Harold is revealed to not be in control of his own kingdom, but instead the face for the real person in control, his father whom the civilians hated until he “gave the throne” to his son. King Harold begs Fletcher to plead guilty so that a race war doesn’t start when the execute Othello, so he does so. Then, the man who worked for the Raleighs when they were attacked by orcs says that he hid the fact that he saw an owl flying away with some type of baby basket in its talons during the attack. The attack happened on the same day that Fletcher’s father found him outside the town hall. He is tested whether or not he is a Raleigh by being injected with Manticore Poison, which the elves save him from after he suffers for a few hours proving himself to be a Raleigh. Finally, the main story begins!

Fletcher and his friends from the academy are put on a multi-racial mission to save a long-lost Lady, Rufus’ mother, who has been proven by a spy to have been kept alive in the orc caves. There are scrying stones that have been sent to the villages so the common villagers can watch the teams. This means that if the teammates are racist to each other it could cause fighting in the villages. Fletcher has the team with the elf, and two of the dwarves, but is worried about the other teams not playing fair and trying to incriminate his friends.

This series is always amazing, yet difficult to review. It’s very action-packed and almost always has a main story and a mini story, the mini that lasts quite a few pages but MUST be spoiled in order to review the main. Every singe time you read a chapter, something new is revealed and/or begins. New and even more creative monsters are shown on both the good and evil/orc side of the story, and also information is revealed about the inner workings of the hidden orc world.

Fletcher grows a lot in this book as he is forced to protect the integrity of himself and his friends as basically their whole world watches them try to save this woman. His relationship with the elf girl Sylva grows slowly, but it is not the annoying focus of the entire book. Everyone knew that the racism of their world had deep roots, but it wasn’t until this book showed how bad it was. They were all working towards a common cause, and were on tape, but the teams still didn’t stop bickering with each other. Fletcher’s team rose above their immaturity however and helped to lead this mission onwards.

This book ended on a pretty big cliffhanger, so I am impatiently waiting for the next book/end to the trilogy to come out in the next few days.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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