Chasing Red (Wattpad) Review


This book was a regular romance read, but mostly enjoyable. Chasing Red begins with a college frat boy named Caleb spotting a girl in a red dress in the club. She pretends to be his girlfriend so that an annoying girl will leave him alone but then rejects his advances. He spots her outside later, helps her to fend off an attacker, and takes her to his apartment when she drunkenly admits to having nowhere else. As in many romance stories, instead of going home she ends up living with him and helping him by making meals and things while she starts to get on her feet. From there, their romance blossoms as they begin to truly know each other.

I do not like Red/Veronica, the girl in the story. She has a sad backstory, but she lets it define her instead of overcoming it. She convinces herself that she cannot trust Caleb simply because he is a frat boy, even when he tries to prove his love to her time and time again. By doing this, she almost ruins her relationship with him.

Caleb’s backstory hasn’t been expanded upon enough in this story. There were snippets that showed that it wasn’t that great, like his parents being divorced and a flashback revealing that his dad couldn’t even remember his one allergy, peanuts. However, it wasn’t harped upon like Veronica’s even though it could have been just as interesting.

This book has some mature scenes, but the author does have warnings by chapter if there will be anything inappropriate in it. Overall, the story was average to me. Some parts of the drama were simply unnecessary to me, but this book did scratch my itch for a simple romance novel. If you want to read something simple on your phone on a day when you are bored, this could easily entertain you for a few hours.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

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