Defy the Stars


500 pages in 3 hours. What a beautiful book this was.

Noemi lives on the planet Genesis, which is at war with the corrupted Planet Earth. She is orphan who works in the army with her best friend/adoptive sister Esther but she knows that she will not live much longer. She has volunteered for a suicide mission to blow up one of the gates in order to stop Earth mech troops from entering. When a small battle goes wrong and Esther is gravely injured, Noemi enters a nearby seemingly abandoned ship to try and get her emergency medical supplies.

Abel is a mech, but unlike most, he can think for himself. He has super strength and is a walking database, but he also dreams and has emotions. His created abandoned him on a ship 30 years prior, and due to a power outage, he was trapped inside a small room for all 30 of those years. But when Noemi lands on his ship, he is freed, and after he tries to attack her he is put under her control by his programming.

Esther doesn’t survive, but then Noemi discovers that Abel knows how to go through and destroy the gates. They begin a galaxy-wide adventure in order to find the necessary ship parts and to stop the suicide mission.

This book transports you into the future, of a world that is trying to populate new planets due to the deterioration of its original one. It may have been labeled as a romance read, but it was more of a sci-fi adventure book than a simple teen romance one. It truly transported me to a future where people are fighting in space. Much of the book takes place on several different planets in different environments, so something new is taking place in every chapter. It is told from both Noemi’s and Abel’s perspectives, so you actually get to see into the mind of both the main characters. Abel’s point of view is the most interesting in my opinion, as you can feel all the different thought processes that he has to go through just to form what he thinks is an “acceptable” sentence.

Also, this is going to be a series! I am super excited to see the next books in the series. Even though it may be over a year until the next one is released, I will be waiting the entire time. I hope that everyone gets the chance to read this book, but it may be hard to find as it only came out 10 days ago.

Overall Rating: 6/5


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