The Novice Review


This book was an amazing ride in a unique fantasy world.

The book begins with the main character, Fletcher, going into the woods to hunt for a deer to sell. When he gets back to the gate, his enemy Didric has closed the gates early and refuses to let him back into the city. He cheats Fletcher out of the head of his deer and then reveals that he wasn’t even supposed to be on the watch and that the real watchman will let Fletcher inside the city in a few minutes. This sets the scene for the next day when Fletcher and his adoptive father Berdon who owns a blacksmiths shop go to the town where there are going to be traders there who will buy the weapons.

While in the town, a soldier has a stand full of souvenirs from the front lines such as orc’s teeth. He starts to tell a story from the front lines where he raves about his whole unit dying, and him taking the book of the summoner. Didric says that he is a fool and that it is illegal for him to have a summoner’s book when he is not a summoner, but Fletcher believes him. After he teams up with the soldier during a bar brawl, the soldier entrusts him with the book. He takes it out to a graveyard trying to summon something although he was never tested for summoning ability. Surprisingly, he is able to summon some sort of lizard-like thing. When he is attacked in the graveyard by Didric and his friends, the lizard thing protects him and allows him to get away, however Didric is gravely injured. Policemen come to his house, but Berdon gives him his 16th birthday gifts and buys him time to get away. As soon as he leaves the only town he’s ever known, his adventure truly starts.

Thinking about how this book began on Wattpad makes me want to go and read more books on there. I was thinking that this book could go one way or another, it could either be like the finisher or it could be like Heartless. It turned out to be more like Heartless. I loved every second of it, it was not cliche in any way, and the story was full of surprises. I would recommend this to anyone searching to read something new and unique.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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8 thoughts on “The Novice Review

    1. I’m glad too, I wanted to check out the second book from my school library but I got sick and had to come home early TnT. Ah well just more time for reading I suppose

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      1. I have a wee bit of money but I found bookoutlet and they have cheap enough books that I could probably get 3 or 4 for the price of a mcdonalds combo

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      2. We had one like that in my old town. Now I moved and there are no bookstores around, and if there is one downtown anymore it had everything full priced so I could never buy anything.

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