Heartless Review


I read this book faster than Usain Bolt runs. I started around 8 last night, stopped at 11, picked back up at 7, done by 9. The book was nearly 500 pages long, so I read about 100 pages per hour…

Catherine is the daughter of the Marquess, meaning that she is a noble. She wishes to open a bakery with her best friend/servant Mary Ann, however the unmarried king who is about 15 years her senior has his eyes on marrying her. All people throughout the kingdom have tried her treats and loved them, yet her parents only tolerate the hobby because the king also loves her desserts. She is torn between satisfying her parents by marrying the king, or going against everything they want for her and trying to pursue her dreams of opening a bakery. She decides that she will try to promote herself more and wishes to make lemon tarts for the king’s ball. She dreams of a boy with yellow eyes, and when she wakes up there is a lemon tree growing on her bedpost that she uses to make lemon tarts for the ball.

At the king’s ball, she finds out that the king plans to propose to her. She dreads this as she was close to opening her own bakery, and hopes for some way to get out of it. Then, out of nowhere, the Jester comes to entertain the ball guests. She is amused by his clever jokes and almost magical tricks, but when she looks at him she notices that he has yellow eyes. When the king decides to propose later, she runs out of the ballroom, and when she faints outside she sees and feels the Jester carrying her away. This sends them into a whirlwind love triangle between her, the Jester, and the king.

Catherine was such an interesting character to watch throughout the book. I could easily put myself in her shoes, and fell in love with the same people that she did. The story was so well told that every time I kept telling myself “okay, time to sleep, you have something to DO tomorrow!” I simply kept reading another chapter. None of the characters seemed hollow, and not even the evil characters seemed completely evil.

I absolutely adored this book. After I did not enjoy Cinder that much (which I decided to reread after this book), I was not sure if I would even bother with Meyer’s books anymore. However, I saw how many positive reviews this book was receiving, so I decided to read it. Boy, was it worth all of my time. I could not put this book down from beginning to end, and now I wish that there was a sequel to this. I will definitely be buying it to put on my own bookshelf.

Overall rating: 6/5

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