City of Ashes Review (Spoilers for City of Bones)


Jace’s adoptive mother Maryse now knows that he is the child of Valentine. He wants to make her understand that he doesn’t want to be his father’s Jonathan but instead wants to remain Jace with the Lightwoods. He believes that she never loved him as her own, and runs away from home to cause trouble at a werewolf bar.

Clary and Simon are going through the early stages of their relationship. Clary is struggling with the fact that Jace is her brother and that if she was to ever have a relationship with him that it would be taboo. She wants to have a true brother/sister relationship but feels that their past romantic feeling get in the way. Simon loves Clary but worries that her past with Jace will negatively affect their relationship. On top of that, he has been having strange symptoms ever since he accidentally bit one of the vampires at the hotel during his time as a rat.

When the three meet up at the werewolf bar. Luke has locked Jace up for picking a fight with the other wolves and Clary tries to talk him out of continuing to act out. Simon finds a werewolf girl named Maia and they seem to hit it off pretty well. When Jace is coerced into going back to the Lightwoods, the Inquisitor comes to question him, imprisoning him in the Silent City when he is disrespectful in answering her questions.

Something is wrong with the city. The Silent Brothers are spread around all dead and with their faces the picture of terror instead of emotionless and hidden. When Valentine arrives and has the Mortal Sword in his hands, Jace knows that the situation is more serious than anyone could have previously predicted. Now the team must race against time to try to catch Valentine before he does something horrible with the Cup and the Sword.

Clary jumped into her relationship with Simon quickly without even giving herself time to get over Jace. Within the first few chapters this is causing stupid problems and weakening her as a character as she tries to love one boy while she still loves another. Simon matures in this story from being the weakest character to being able to hold his own in the story. Jace is honestly pretty annoying for most of the story. He is rude to people who are Downworlders, gets himself in trouble simply by being disrespectful, and instead of trying to work with Clary to help her get over their relationship simply makes it worse. Maia has quite an interesting backstory, and proves herself to be a worthwhile character in this story.

Overall, this story was pretty well paced and had a good amount of action all the way through. However, the irritating relationship drama and Jace’s…I can’t even describe his character…ruined certain parts of the story for me. However the addition of several side characters in the story truly made for a generally enjoyable story.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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6 thoughts on “City of Ashes Review (Spoilers for City of Bones)

  1. I love these books so much!! They’re best enjoyed if you read the Clockwork series before it (personally, I like them even better). Have you watched the tv series they made, Shadowhunters? Still has all the Jace drama but he’s so nice to look at that it doesn’t even matter 😉

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    1. I am planning on watching the tv series soon, and I am starting the third book in the series. I guess I’ll probably end up reading them in order of release date instead of “prequel then main”


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