April Update

Sorry for being fairly inactive throughout the month of March. I struggled with balancing schoolwork and extracurriculars, giving myself little to no time for reading or video games. However this month I have testing this upcoming week meaning I will have little to no homework, a week and a half of spring break, and a generally open schedule. So here are my plans for the month.


I have a stack of twenty plus books on my nightstand, none of which I own. I need to read all of them by the end of this month. Because of this, I will be reading like crazy and pouring out reviews multiple times a week in order to eat through the stack.

Video Games

I just bought a PsVita off a friend so many more modern PlayStation games will be joining my reviews. I plan to finish at least 2 full length games by the end of the month.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you guys throughout the month!

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Book, game, movie, TV, and webcomic reviewer

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