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Usually I would be doing 2-3 book reviews today and gushing about what I had read throughout the week. However this week, I have been drawn into a more unconventional genre of reading. Fanfiction is a way for fans to make up relationships of characters either unlikely to be paired together, to write a whole new story using their favorite characters, use the made stories and simply extend scenes or add new scenes, or basically doing whatever they want. In my review, I will highlight 3 fanfiction stories I have been addicted to this week

Glass Houses by JennMel

If you have been able to see glee through season 2 and to the beginning of season 3, you know of the adorable couple of Kurt and Blaine. This story puts this couple into an alternate universe. In this universe, everyone has an ES level that allows them to be able to feel other people’s emotions and for other people to be able to sense them. Kurt has an ES level of 0.5, meaning that other people do not like to touch him or even be around him because they cannot sense him and he cannot sense them. He is used to being a loner and has resigned himself to this live, but when Blaine, a strange shy boy, shows up at school, suddenly he does not feel so alone. Blaine is not even afraid of touching him whether it be a high-five or a hug.


Blaine has an ES level of about 4.8 meaning he can have a mental attack where emotions overwhelm him and he goes into a coma. His family has resigned themselves to the fact that he will probably have one that will kill him before he gets into his mid 20s, and so they try to enjoy every minute they have with him. Kurt comes into his life, and somehow they help each other as they suffer through the repercussions of their abnormal ES levels.


This author began writing this story in 2013, and took a year off, but now she is back and determined to finish this story within the next few weeks. She updates almost weekly, and there are 40 chapters already made to catch up on. This story is rated T, there are not really any sexual scenes, and it is a great story to read on your free time.

Chapter 1

Not As It Seems by fearlessly

This story is a very unconventional and some may not be interested in it at all because of this. In this story, the age difference between Blaine and Kurt is changed from Blaine being 1 year younger to Blaine being 38 and Kurt being 17. Also, Kurt in this story is a male that has a functioning female anatomy, not transgender but simply one of the special males in their alternate universe society. Furthermore, this story has some sex scenes scattered about in it, giving it an M rating, but if you don’t mind these things the story is really great.
Blaine is a successful lawyer in Chicago who comes to Lima Ohio to help his cousin on a court case. He has a boyfriend of 2 years named Jon who he plans to propose to when he gets home. Everything seems perfect.

Kurt is a 17 turning 18 year old high school senior. He has a best friend named Quinn and is also friendly with her boyfriend Puck, and a stepbrother named Finn. He is openly gay at his school, and some of the football jocks do bully him for it, but altogether life is pretty good. However he is single and would like to eventually settle down with someone. When Quinn’s cousin Blaine comes to town to work with her dad on a court case, Kurt feels an instant connection to this older man, and immediately gains a crush on him.

Kurt and Blaine start a secret relationship where they get closer and closer, but soon they struggle with explaining to Kurt’s parents, dealing with Jon, and dealing with some complications from Kurt’s “Anatomy”.

This story is completed by the author, yet she she still writes small one shots on her account for this story. If you are interested in reading this 34 chapter story, click here

Meet the Andersons by Emmy-Mae92

This story is in a universe where Blaine is one of ten brothers who are all either adults in jobs or in college, or his twin in a high school boarding school. Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is a bit rocky after Blaine cheats on him (before the story begins), but with the help of the brothers they both get to know each other even better than they did before. However, Blaine’s real parents who basically never parented them leaving the older brothers to basically raise the younger ones in their teens are causing trouble. Kurt, Burt, Finn, and Carole have to help Blaine and his nine brothers get through their lives as they struggle to get out from under the strict yet absent rule of their parents.

This story is rated T and has a few sexual references but not enough to make anyone uncomfortable. It is a rather cute story between Kurt and Blaine that the author is still writing. Every chapter is like a mini story within itself, so you don’t feel like you are missing anything. If you want to read the story click here.

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