Twilight #1 Book Review/Movie Review

Twilight (Twilight, #1)
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I finally got around to reading Twilight and watching the movie again. Boy, did I notice the difference. I finally felt the pain that Bella felt in New Moon when Edward leaves her, simply because the Edward in the book is so much more, passionate and loving towards Bella than Edward in the movie. Both Edwards were still afraid of hurting Bella, but the movie Edward seemed to keep closed and just not want to be emotional towards her at all (or the acting was just bad).

Bella’s eccentric mother is going to be traveling around with her new husband a baseball player, and so she sends her daughter to live with her father Charlie whom Bella has never seen in quite a few years. Both her and her father are quiet people, but Charlie tries to keep bella happy by buying her a truck and fixing up some of the small house. There were only 358 kids at Forks high school, so Bella can no longer just blend in, especially being the new girl that nearly all of the guys had a crush on.

Jessica, one of Bella’s first female friends, explains that the mysterious Cullens had moved to Forks 2 years prior and that they kept to themselves. However in Biology Bella is forced to sit next to Edward, and he acts quite mysteriously as if she is the most disgusting thing that he’d ever smelled. He disappears for a few days but when he returns their hands brush over each other and  it feels as if sparks flew between them.

Charlie gives Bella snow tires on her truck, but she doesn’t realize this until she gets to school and goes around the back of her truck to see them, unlike in the movie where he tells her. Tyler, his tires without the snow chains on them, nearly slides into Bella killing her. Edward leaps in front of her saving her life, but then sweeping her into a supernatural whirlwind. Boy after boy asks her out but she turns them all down in order to focus on Edward. Edward saves her yet again when she goes to Port Angeles and a group of men attempt to attack her, and she finally gets the opportunity to ask him some questions.

Edward explains that that he can read minds, and in the car away from the prying waitress tells her basically all she needs to know about being a vampire. He is nervous when Bella speaks about the Quileute legend, but neither denies nor affirms its validity. He promises that he cares for Bella just as much as she cares for him, seems pained to even leave her even so long as for his classes, and so their love story begins.

Edward in the movie does no justice to the Edward from the books. Edward from the books showed greater control over his thirst, greater love for Bella, and far more personality than Edward from the movie. He acted more like a teenager, sneaking off to meadows to try to make out before his “vampirey instinct” kicked in and he had to stop until he calmed himself down. He complimented Bella far more on her looks, even if she was wearing a simple blouse and a skirt, and their kisses in the book made her faint, go crazy, or stopped her heart.

The more I read this book the more I compared it to the movie I had seen beforehand and became saddened as I realized how watered down the movie had been. There is a stigma around the Twilight franchise, but I feel that some of the stigma could have disappeared if the movies had kept more of the book information in them. I will have to give totally different ratings from the books to the movies for once, simply because the difference is so adamant.

Overall Book Rating: 4.5 out of 5 books


Overall Movie Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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One thought on “Twilight #1 Book Review/Movie Review

  1. I agree with you I really liked the book better! While I did enjoy the movie it kinda seemed kinda like an over dramatic soap opera to me. Me and my friend do book reviews on our blog if you’d ever want to check that out! 💜

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