About Me: Animal Crossing Game Review #1

si_nds_animalcrossingwildworldMy favorite game series has to be Animal Crossing. I just love how you get to create your own world from scratch and they give incentives for completing all the tasks such as filling the museum or buying all the upgrades to your house or filling your town with gardens and trees. Not to mention you can create very real bonds with the AI villagers in the towns that fill your day to day activity. I am going to be ranking the 5 Animal Crossing Games I own from Gamecube to 3DS on either daily or every other day until I have finally finished the list. So now, for my least favorite Animal Crossing Game, Wild World.

#4. Animal Crossing Wild World

This game could have been so good. However they basically took the Gamecube version, took all the special events/holidays that had anything to do with religion out, replaced them with pretty boring ones, and then made the town smaller. I understand that they were probably trying to make their game open to more people, but when it’s Christmas and you are expecting at least a present or some extra snowfall or something, you will be disappointed.The removed holidays also include Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. This means that your Animal Crossing Wild World year consists of mostly Bug-Offs and Fishing Tourneys.

Animal Crossing Wild World was not a bad game for the time, considering how they took a really detailed gamecube game and turned it into a fully functional DS game. When it was on Gamecube, the multiplayer functionality was so complicated, including exchanging memory cards, that most people would go their whole game time without once playing online multiplayer with anyone. However, on the DS they tried to force you to play with other people. If you wanted the fully upgraded Nook’s/General Store with a place to customize your hair and face, you had to have someone visit from another town. They had both local play and online play that would satisfy this feature. But if you were like me, your wifi was invisible to your DS and no one you knew had the game. So that meant that I was locked out of this feature indefinitely because of not being able to play with anyone else.

In wild world, they took away the infinite asking for jobs system. In the gamecube game you could talk to any villager, ask for a job, and they would give you one most of the time. This kept you fairly busy in the time that you were playing, as you ran random errands like “fetch my gameboy from Peanut” or “Get my soccer ball from Static”. In the DS game, a villager would have to randomly ask you to run an errand, which was pretty rare, so you had no real reason to do much besides get on to collect daily fossils and fruit if you didn’t want to spend time doing activities for yourself.

I did love my time with Wild World simply because I could take it everywhere, however the more years pass and the more new Animal Crossing games come out, the more I realize that it had a lot of potential and it did not quite live up to it.

Overall Rating: 3/5


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