Twilight New Moon Book VS. Movie with Spoilers

New Moon (Twilight, #2)
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I really, and I mean REALLY disliked the New Moon arc of the Twilight Saga. I disliked the book, disliked the movie even more. Most of my reviews I will try to stay spoiler-free, but for this one I must delve into the entirety of the book to give the full depth of my hatred for it.




Okay now that that is out of the way, onto the good stuff. Laurent’s words basically summed up the whole story for me. “How much could you mean to him if” I wanted to give him an award, well despite the fact that he was trying to kill Bella. In the book and the movie, Bella’s depressed months were skimmed over to express how she was barely living during these months. It does not give an in depth look into how bad she was besides a sad song and some camera spinning and month names. However in the book New Moon, she skims over how she was, but in the book Jacob saw the whole ordeal and dropped hints throughout of how broken she used to be..

Her hallucinating about Edward was probably one of the strangest things I have ever read/saw. Robert Pattinson did not do book Edward justice when acting these out. For example, when Bella prepared herself to jump off a cliff in the movie, Edward simply says (insert sarcastic voice)”Bella don’t. Please” In the book when she is drowning because of the heavy waves as the storm comes he is screaming at her “Keep swimming…Fight! Damn it Bella keep fighting!” This is not the only change to the depth of their relationship that they made.

When Edward returns after Bella saves him from the Volturi, after Bella wakes up he gives this long speech about how he was suffering to keep a brave face on and not run back to her by the hour. However in the movie he admits to the fact that he failed her but does not say whether or not he would have come back if she had not jumped off the cliff. This changes things because if he does not say that he wanted to come back at all, it diminishes their bond. If he had admitted to wanting to return and struggling to stay away, it would have caused her to have more reason to go back to him. Edward in the book almost begged her to take him back, although it was unnecessary, but in the movie he simply got back together with her.

The main thing from the end that stayed the same was the pain that Edward felt when he thought that she had died. Most of this emotion showed in the clock tower scene of the movie, however in the book it was the bedroom scene.

The other thing that stayed the same for me from book to movie was my sadness for Jacob. He spent so long putting Bella back together from the broken state that Edward had left her in, just for her to run off to Italy and save the person who had broken her. Jacob had his moments like when he left her when he first turned into a werewolf, but it was less of him being scared of himself in this new and violent state. In the movie, Jacob seemed more harsh when leaving her to join the wolves permanently, but either way he did not leave her for very long.

Personally, I cannot understand movie or book Bella in the New Moon arc. In the movie, Edward was mostly emotionless throughout the whole thing. Jacob always told Bella his feelings, and even begged for her to stay when she was about to go to save Edward. In the book Edward had much more emotion, and more of Jacob’s violent side showed through making it a harder decision for her to choose. All in all, New Moon is simply the part of the series that I would love to forget, but it does build on the story that will shine through in Eclipse.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 books


P.S. Sorry for not updating in awhile, I went to a special event over the weekend that I will be talking about soon on here, and I am also getting a video recorder for my 3DS so I will be making some YouTube videos hopefully soon. Thank you for reading!

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