Happy New Year!: Resolutions


New Years Day, a day of anticipating the old year along with reflecting on the past year and contemplating what we would like to change about ourselves. Personally, I had noticed the amount of time that I spent doing nothing for almost the entirety of the year 2016. Therefore, I decided to make my resolution based upon that. I want to eat more healthily, ditching the 24 ounce sodas that I had also grown to love in 2016. I also want to stay on top of the schoolwork I have, instead of procrastinating until the last minute and pulling all nighters. However, the most important thing that I want to do in 2016, is cut into my backlog of books and games. I want to read 100 books this year and finish at least 10 games that are 20 hours or more each. Through owning the wii, xbox 360, 3ds, and pc, i have over 100 games that I have bought and never finished. Along with a bookshelf overflowing with books that I have not read. I will be using this blog to document my progress, and to truly reflect on my playing and reading. As soon as I finish a book or a game, I will be reviewing it on here. Thanks for reading and Happy New Years!

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